The Writers Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Messed Up Episode 5 So Badly, People Are Ready To Cancel The Entire Show

**This post is dark and full of spoilers**

Last chance to turn back if you haven’t watched Season 8, Episode 5 of Game of Thrones.

So—here’s the deal: the writers completely dropped the fucking ball this season. I know they only had six short episodes to jam pack years worth of answers into—but come on, you could have done better than this.

To recap, bluntly, Daenerys marched on King’s Landing and torch the entire city—including all of the innocent men, women, and children who had absolutely nothing to do with Cersei Lannister (many who actually hate her). The writers decided to, for some reason, turn Dany into the “mad queen” after years of her being the good guy. While all this is happening, Jaime is walking around with a golden hand searching for Cersei, throwing the entire character arc of his “becoming a better person” out the damn window of the Red Keep. Cersei and Jaime die in the basement by…being buried under rubble/rocks. Cleganebowl finally happens and both Claganes die, and, Arya rides off on a random horse appearing out of thin air—hopefully back to Winterfell to tell Sansa “damn, sis, bitch is crazy.”


Game of Thrones fans who have loyally watched the show for years—since 2011 to be exact—are furious with the way that the writers decided to completely fuck up a monumental and historic show. Seriously, they were really, really upset.