21 Incredibly Useful Kitchen Tools That Might Actually Motivate You To Cook

We get it, cooking is tough. You have to buy all kinds of ingredients, and get all manner of gadgets and tools and dishes dirty just to get a half-assed grilled cheese on the table. Plus, you’re never going to be as good at it as Gordon Ramsay — so why even try? IÂ’ll tell you why. Because youÂ’re an adult, dammit. You feed yourself now. So instead of ordering pizza again, why donÂ’t you at least try to cook something? It gets easier and there are tons of sweet gadgets that can make it a little more fun and convenient.

*Full disclosure: We may receive some portion of the sales made on this list. WeÂ’re putting all the money into stocks and bonds. And by stocks and bonds, I mean chocolate and ice cream.

21. This heart-shaped egg pan will make you significant other of the year.


Breakfast in bed scores you a million points with your significant other. Breakfast in bed with heart shaped eggs? There isn’t even really a calculation for how well that’s going to go for you. Seriously — she/he is gonna flip out like an Olympic gymnast.

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20. DonÂ’t know what to do with leftovers? Store them in these stackable nest bins!


Trust me, itÂ’s better than eating old Chinese food again. Plus the different colored lids make things easy to spot if you get easily flustered and scared in front of your fridge.

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19. Dishes got you down? This dishwasher magnet makes things marginally easier.


I say marginally because dishes are always going to suck. ItÂ’s one of the unbendable laws of the universe. Like gravity, or the way a Subway sandwich shop smells.

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18. Make your own herb blends with a mortar and pestle!


Cooking is all about seasoning, fam. But it’s boring to just have a bunch of bottles of dried up sprinkle-dust that you don’t really understand. It’s way better to just smash a rock against another rock — grinding up your own seasonings like a MAN. Or a woMAN.

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17. Make your knives look way cooler with this knife-magnet.


ItÂ’ll also save a ton of space in your knife drawer. You wonÂ’t even need a knife drawer anymore. YouÂ’ll have a free drawer! You can just make it your lemon drawer. Or your cookie drawer. Or your sex toy drawer. Fuck it.

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16. When you know how to cook for your hangover, you become unstoppable.


Seriously. Stop wasting your time with bacon-egg-and-cheeses when you could be- actually, bacon-egg-and-cheeses are awesome. But you can make your own! ItÂ’s probably in there somewhere. I donÂ’t know, IÂ’m too hungover to read.

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15. And if youÂ’re still drunk, you can just get the drunk version.


Or go to bed. Just don’t text Karen. Seriously — please don’t text Karen.

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14. You know when youÂ’re cooking and you have no idea what to do with your dirty spoon between stirs?


This little piggy is here to help! Seriously, look me in the eyes and tell me you donÂ’t want this adorable little pig holding your spoon while you cook. Look me in the f***ing eyes.

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13. Tired of getting hit with hot oil splatters? You need a splatter screen.


Perfect for when youÂ’re cooking bacon in the morning and youÂ’re naked. Yeah. You didnÂ’t think I knew about that, did you?

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12. This salad spinner will let you pretend your lettuce is in a small amusement park ride.


I think it dries things off after you rinse them? Who cares! Look at that salad go! WEEEE!

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