Guy Calls Women With Dyed Hair ‘Toxic’ And ‘Crazy’ And Twitter Came For Him

One self-proclaimed life coach has controversially stated his belief that a woman dyeing her hair “unnatural” colors is not a matter of taste or preferenceit is “a warning signal to stay away.”

Alexander J.A Cortes, who calls himself a “trainer, writer, and speaker,” argues that this behavior is no different than “Aposematism-the phenomenon of poisonous animals in nature advertising their toxicity and lethality,” meaning that women—much like Poison-dart frogs or wasps—dye their hair to subconsciously signal they are dangerous. And by dangerous, Cortes means mentally unstable.

In a recent Twitter thread, he explained that women who bleach and dye their hair are like “poison arrow frogs” and “venomous snakes” who are born brightly-colored as a defense mechanism. “When you see a woman with red blue green purple rainbow hair,” Cortes wrote,”its a sign of mental illness and derangement”

As an example, Cortes presents fictional comic book character Harley Quinn. “Obviously she’s more attractive than your typical unnaturally hair colored SJW chick,” he wrote, without specifying whether he is referring to actress Margot Robbie, who played Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, or Harley Quinn the DC comic book character.

Cortes clarifies that “there’s nothing wrong with” women who dye their hair a “natural color,” but he rejects the colors blue as “Manhater” and pink as “I have a mental disease.”

Seemingly lacking other examples, he again cites the fictional Harley Quinn as evidence of his argument.

Cortes warns “young kings” that women who seem stable but dye their hair are “grappling with some immense inner turmoil and upheaval.”

And ends with this confounding message:

The women of Twitter were grateful to this fabulous life coach for his insightful life advice.

And fully agreed that their hair color was a conscious effort to keep men wayyyyy over there, thanks.

Others pointed out the lack of any kind of actual science in OP’s hypothesis.

More gratifying is the amount of women who posted pictures of themselves with colorful hair, and all the supportive comments that followed.