37 Of The Most Cringe-Worthy Chest Tattoos People Actually Got Done

Everyone expresses themselves in their own way and we will always love that. Whether itís piercings, tattoos, style everyone has their own idea of what looks good. I mean who doesn¬ít love a fresh tat? I love the idea of being able to turn your skin into a work of art. My skin my rules. I¬ím no stranger¬†to tattoos myself I¬íve got a fair amount of ink throughout my¬†years. Some I love as much as the day I got them. Others I could do without for sure. Life changes and so do we as people.

I have no beef with what you get or where you put your tattoo. I just feel like if you’re going to get something inked across your chest, you better love it forever. At the very least spell it correctly!  It’s only been about  7 years since one of mine and I just don’t care about it as much now. Do I regret any of my tattoos?  Hellllll no! I just wonder how the girls in these pictures feel about their very questionable tattoo decisions now.

1. No argument here.

2. I think I’ll pass…

3. We may be viewing the worst tattoo of all time. Pray this is sharpie.

4. Is that so?

5. Really had to throw that ¬ďZ¬Ē at the end?