25 People Reveal The Absolutely Disgusting Things They Secretly Do With Their Partner


I have veneers on my teeth so Im not supposed to take bites out of whole apples. If we are sharing an apple with no ability to cut it up my husband will take a bite, spit it out in his hand, and then give it to me so I can have some. —laurab4dc4fd1bc


We both share one shaver for our faces and everywhere else….—larryt438ddf81f


My Husband and I weigh ourselves before and after poop. Then we compare who had the biggest poop and claim victory. I don’t know what victory does but we justwalk around feeling real good about our big turds. —faiths4d06bda59


I’d clean out my exes ears with a Q-Tip and be amazed by the amount of wax that would come out. —taraogoart


Him : Sniff my finger I swear it isnt anything bad Me: (tentative) Him: No its like, a unique scent of herbs. Me: O..kay (sniff) GAG NO ITS POOP WHYYYYY. —ILikeNarwhals


My husband has picked something out of my teeth and eaten it. Our friend witnessed through the rear view mirror. He still talks to us. —SecretSecret


I get deep, deep satisfaction from picking the lint out of my boyfriend’s bellybutton. If he pulls it out instead of me I legitimately feel betrayed. —carinaw4997f70cf


He pops my toes. Religiously, every day, no matter what kind of shoes they’ve been cooped up in or what kind of blisters I’ve gathered. —brookelaurenl


My boyfriend and I will touch tongues instead of kissing. I jokingly called it “touching tips” and it’s just stuck. —kayleea40680167d


send pictures of our poo to each other. no, we don’t have a fetish. it’s just an inside joke. —stefanian3


This happened once…one time in the car my S.O. was eating a french fry and decided he didn’t want it anymore mid-chew…so naturally he put the chewed up fry in my mouth with his and I finished it. Our friends in the front seat never noticed. —mammelec


If one of us sees that the other has a bat in the cave, my boyfriend and I will pick each other’s noses. He started it. —erikap4ed12eccf


once at disney world I took a sip of soda and then went to kiss my boyfriend and slowly spit it into his mouth to freak him out. he thought it was hilarious. I did too. now we occasionally do it to be funny and share a drink. it only works from my mouth to his, when he does it I can’t help but laugh and spill it on myself. —Hannah


Whenever we’re cuddling and my husband is shirtless, I’ll stroke his armpit hair and him if he wants me to braid it. 10/10 the answer is always no but 10/10 I always ask —victoriaf4f2309550


My boyfriend and I have a Lake house. Since we are in tick country, every night we check each others buttholes for ticks. —macyb4a73195d6