20 People Who Have 100 Percent Found Their Soulmates

Relationships aren’t always easy, but they definitely get a little easier when you find the right person—the person you know how to compliment, and how to cheer up, and how to fight with. You know true love when you see it, and every tweet below is of a shining example of love that will probably last forever. Probably.

1. Love is about anticipating your partner’s needs.

2. Whatever those needs may be.

3. Love means being honest.

4. Like, super honest.

5. Love is about good communication.

6. Really, communication is everything.

7. Love means knowing how to give the best compliment.


8. And sometimes love is about embarrassing your partner to within an inch of their life.

9.Love is about the little things.

10. And sometimes the big things.

11. Love is about being helpful.

12. Love is more than skin deep.

13. Love is about knowing which buttons to press.

14. Actual, literal buttons.

15. Love means being part of the family.


16. Even when it’s maybe a bit soon.

17. Love is about always surprising one another.

18. And love is also about slow-cooked meat.

19. Love means being romantic.

20. And what says romance more than “Cotton Eye Joe”?

Nothing, that’s what.

h/t: BuzzFeed